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DJ Camper talks working with Mariah Carey

DJ Camper has been making a huge impact on R&B for the last few years. Aside from the massive Tamar
Braxton single "Love & War" which ended up being nominated at the Grammy's, his music can be found on most of the bigger R&B albums that have come out recently for artists like Keyshia Cole, John Legend and Chrisette Michele. His tag "Hey DJ" is now one of the most recognized and ironically enough, he is the one saying "Hey" and making listeners pay attention to his music. YouKnowIGotSoul had a chance to speak with the super producer about his journey in the music industry, his Grammy nominations, his creative process and his upcoming work with Ne-Yo and Mariah Carey.

I also read that you did a song on Mariah Carey's upcoming album?
Yep, me and Mariah definitely did something really special. I did that song with Hit-Boy too and Nas is featured on it. It's going to be crazy. The song is called "Dedication". I definitely had an overwhelming excitement putting piece together for her. I didn't know it was going to be for her, but I got the call that said "Yeah, Mariah Carey picked it. She wants it." I was like "Okay, she's a legend and I love her. Let's do it!" I'm very excited for everyone to hear that. That album is coming soon, so stay tuned for that.


Mariah Carey talks Justin Bieber, kids and her new album

Rick Campanelli sat down with Mariah Carey in New York City this week and the diva really lived up to her
name! Although she might have kept Rick in suspense for a while, the mom of two opened up about how motherhood's changed her life, Justin Bieber and of course, her highly anticipated upcoming album.

Opening up about her one-time duet partner, The Biebs, Mariah says "I think that [Never Say Never] gave people greater insight," before joking that she loves Justin, "but not that I need to sit here and promote him."

With less than a month before the release date, Mariah, known for her perfectionism, tells Rick she's still putting some finishing touches on her new album. "All I'm trying to do it get this album to completion and there's just little things that are so important to me, but they are minute details that other people probably wouldn't even notice," she says. Adding that other people tend to not get it, saying, "they don't care as much obviously!"

In regards to the pressure that comes with releasing a new album, Mariah says that it's tough to tell when it's on. "Here's the thing," she tells Rick, "sometimes you know when you have that and sometimes you don't. I still want to be able to do things that make me happy. If a mid-tempo record makes me happy and it's a bit of an old school, hip hop beat, then cool."

And from her new baby to her 3-year-old twins, Morocco and Monroe, Mariah opens up about how she went from not wanting to have kids to loving motherhood! "I never thought I was going to have kids," Mariah tells Rick. "I remember being a little girl and going 'I don't think I'm going to have babies when I grow up' for a while I was probably convinced of that and I just realized things change and that's what happens."

Adding that motherhood has brought around new inspiration for her work, Mariah says her kids "give me a reason to live" and that she's even written a song for them on her new album. "It's called 'Supernatural'," she adds. That's not all, it seems that talent may run in the family. "Them babies are on the song," Mariah says. "And they were singing this one when they were just 2-years-old."

"You'll hear, I can't give it away," she adds. "Mainly it's miss Monroe singing but Rocco is on there." Watch the first part of Rick's sitdown with Mariah Carey and be sure to tune-in to ET Canada tonight for part two!

(ET Canada)

Mariah Was 'Convinced' She Never Wanted Children

When Mariah Carey's new album comes out next month, we'll be able to hear the singing debut of her twins,
Monroe and Moroccan, or "Dem Babies," as she affectionately calls them.

Speaking to ET Canada, Carey reveals that her kids "give me a reason to live," and adds, "I wrote a song for them on this album, and it's called 'Supernatural,' and Dem Babies are on the song." She adds, "They were singing this when they were, like, just two. Mainly it's Ms. Monroe singing, and Roc is on there...You'll hear, I can't give it away. She is actually singing though."

Carey also reveals that she never saw herself as a mom.

"I remember being a little girl and going, 'I don't think I'm going to have babies when I grow up' ... for a while I was probably convinced of that, and I just realized things change and that's what happens," she reveals.

Of course, one of the things that changed was meeting future husband Nick Cannon and deciding she wanted to start a family after all.

But even though the twins are singing on Carey's album, Canon said he has no interest in them going into showbiz.

Asked at recently if he'd let them audition for something like his show, "America's Got Talent," he said immediately, "Absolutely not!"

"I want 'em to strive for something more than what's in their wheelhouse," Cannon told reporters. "For them to be entertainers is gonna be pretty easy; I mean, mom and dad work in entertainment. So I want to encourage something [where] that they can have their own sense of accomplishment."

Nick also said that based on his own experiences, he knows that showbiz can be rough on young kids and would rather not have them go through that. Ultimately, he realizes that if it's their dream, he may have to deal with it.

"Sometimes you can't stop the kids," he says. "I mean, if my kids came to me and said, 'All I want to do is sing, dance or act,' as much as I wouldn't want them to do it, if this is their passion, I wanna support it. But I definitely don't wanna encourage it, like, I don't wanna be a stage parent. If this is what they want to do with their lives, I would encourage school plays, choirs at church, and then when they reach a certain age and they've gotten the education that they want, then I'll say, 'OK, let's pursue it as an adult.'"

Carey and Cannon still have a ways to go before they have to make that decision, though: The twins will turn three this month.

(ABC News)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

5 Directions Mariah Carey could go with her next album

All the little Lambs are dying to know, what is Mariah Carey cooking up for her long delayed next album?
She was expected to release new music on the heels of last summer's successful hashtag collaboration with Miguel, but in July she took to Twitter to announce it would be pushed back due to a creative backlog.

Immediately following that, Carey landed herself in the hospital with a dislocated shoulder, further delaying production. But then in November, we got a little taste of what Mariah had been doing with herself when she dropped the rumored title track, "The Art of Letting Go".

She didn't release any more new music until "You're Mine (Eternal)" came in February. With the Valentine's launch of that single came another nugget of news: Carey's new album was now slated for a May 6 release date and it was as yet untitled - meaning The Art of Letting Go was finally let go.

When spoke to her on February 13 though, it was clear that Carey still wasn't quite sure what would be on this new album. But whatever it is, it will be led by old friend and production partner Jermaine Dupri. For the last month, Carey has been documenting herself in a "“make shift recording studio" on Instagram, once again teasing that this mystery project, due out within the month, is still in its early stages. So what has she got in store? We dreamt up a few scenarios.

The how Mariah got her hip-hop groove back direction
So look, in talking to her Carey let it drop that Q-Tip is going to be on the album. Maybe, if he approves his verse. The last time those two collabed was during the actual golden age of hip-hop, on her 1997 single "Honey". And, as previously mentioned, she's back with JD. But let's not play around too much: everybody knows Mariah Carey's most memorable features were the hardcore guys: Ol' Dirty Bastard on "Fantasy"; Puff Daddy, Mase and the Lox were the real people on "Honey"; and Bone Thugs-N-Harmony on "Breakdown". It worked because there was a real yin and yang with her sweetness and their rough enough stuff. But it's gonna look kind of weird if she's all up in the place with French Montana or Kendrick Lamar on a hook, you know? It smells like desperation.

So let's say Mariah hooked up with Mobb Deep and Ghostface Killah and Juicy J and maybe even some 2 Chainz masquerading as Tity Boi. It is way past time for a guest spot from Cam'ron. And while you're at it, drag Lil' Kim off whatever reality TV set she's on to spit a rhyme. Since there's an entire new generation reeling in their '90s nostalgia anyway, let's have Mariah get the originals, and show those kids why they need to respect their elders. It's going to be real hard to top the line, "Me and Mariah go back like babies and pacifiers", but it's worth a try.

The island fantasy direction
Carey has been recording at an unnamed beach location in hopes to find her happy place and wrap up this untitled album. Since her Twitter and Instagram are full of "pon" references and pictures of her swimming in a nice pool or looking out the window onto a nice beach, we're assuming she's in Jamaica.

When fully immersed in an atmosphere like that, it's nearly impossible not to get a little of the flavor into your work. So why doesn't Mariah get a little rocksteady or push it even further and go full dancehall. This being Mariah Carey, though, and seeing that she's got her two kids with her it's doubtful she's out at the club. More likely we'd get a seeping in of beachy, light hearted reggae. Look out for hints of calypso, the best beach music possible.

The sexual chocolate direction
Carey's career thus far has, no doubt, been influenced by Janet Jackson. And if you know anything about Janet, you know she keeps it spicy and has never given up unabashed sexuality in her songs, no matter how many decades she keeps going. But Carey's contemporaries are more like Mary J. Blige and Toni Braxton who, well, don't like to kiss and tell. So at this moment, the R&B diva who is most like Mariah Carey right now is R. Kelly (we mean career-wise, not personal life-wise). And if Kellz can turn it up and release a sexed up album called Black Panties, why can't Mariah get her sexual swerve on too? It's not exactly what Sheryl Sandberg meant when she urged women to "lean in" but now that Beyoncé has made it her business plan to popularize the idea of women as sexual beings after motherhood, why doesn't Mariah get on her surfbort and swerve on some dudes.

The religious fervor direction
Or, perhaps Carey isn't feeling so sexual. Maybe she's found the spirit of the Lord, or a lord, or any number of lords. And it's entirely plausible that "You're Mine (Eternal)" was a song of religious devotion, go listen to it again if you don't believe us. It's not at all necessary to restrict the idea of a spiritual Mariah Carey making a Christian gospel album, à la Aretha Franklin. Look at it this way: the art of letting go could just be Zen Buddhism philosophy rephrased into marketable-speak.

The cronuts direction
If Kelis can have an album all about food, can Mariah Carey not have an album entirely about baked goods? We're using "cronuts" as a generic sort of place holder here, but in some circles, cake is slang for lady bits. What if Mariah Carey were to bring it back around so that it is simply cake again? We know she likes using sweets as metaphors for romance because, hello, have you heard "Honey"? Also, there are three important things in the world with holes in the middle of them: vinyl records, CDs and donuts. So let's stuff her with raspberry filling and dust some powdered sugar on top in preparation for Mariah Carey's baked goods focused LP. Perhaps she could even borrow Katy Perry's whipped cream bra since she's certainly done with it.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Did L.A. Reid shade Jermaine for mismanaging Mariah?

It's no secret that Mariah Carey's current era hasn't been running smoothly. Her last single, "You're Mine
(Eternal)", peaked briefly at No. 88 on the Hot 100, while her single before that didn't even chart - pretty shocking for a woman with 18 No. 1s.

It's hard to isolate just one issue to blame for for Mimi's current decline - whether it be song choice, image, promotion, or a little bit of everything - but Epic Records kingpin L.A. Reid seems to have an idea of what the problem might be: Jermaine Dupri. Reid recently retweeted a disgruntled lamb who criticized Mariah's "messiest era" and said that she needed a manager, even though Dupri currently serves as her manager.

Dupri was officially announced as Mimi's manager last October, which is when all her major chart trouble started. Although her commercial success has been on the decline in recent years, the diva's last pre-Dupri single "#Beautiful" still managed to crack the top twenty, eventually reaching Platinum sales by the end of its run.

Dupri's management has also upset lambs, with one angry Mariah fan penning a scathing open letter to the former hitmaker that's been gaining traction on social media after being covered by a few urban entertainment sites like S2S Magazine and She Knows.

Unfortunately we still have no idea how Mariah herself actually feels about all this, but knowing her, she'll let something slip in an interview before too long. Considering the amount of champagne she's been drinking lately and her escalating diva behaviour, she should be calling people out in no time!


Fans voice concern over new album promo

Hell hath no fury like Mariah Carey fans. Over the weekend, one of the powerhouse singer's Lambs took to
Twitter to share her frustrations over the lack of movement and hype in regard to the singer's upcoming studio album, which is set to drop on May 6.

In a letter that was retweeted 250 times, a supporter questioned the lack of effort that is being put into the marketing campaign for the singer's currently untitled album, which hits stores in less than a month. "Throwing a 'radio a** kiss party' and telling lambs to change their screen names to #May6 is not really sufficient to breathe some life into, and kick start, the most drawn out album release in her career," the supporter Jess wrote, before suggesting that if he's going to stick around he "might as well get your s*** together".

Jess ended her rant on a harsh tone, telling Dupri that rather than exploiting the singer to pull himself out of bankruptcy, he should "advise her, as her friend, to hire professionals with proven experience". Ouch. With all bias aside, there is plenty of truth to the lack of movement involved in Carey's upcoming album campaign since she hired Dupri to assume the role of manager in October 2013.

In fact, things for the singer were actually looking pretty busy before the change in her team. Carey remains one of the most successful female singers of our time and it's a shame that the project appears to be sliding off the radar due to lack of promotion and underwhelming material.

Back in February, the former American Idol judge released the project's latest single "You're Mine (Eternal)", but it failed to make an impact on radio and social media avenues. Since then, the singer's team has tried to salvage the success of the song by releasing various dance remixes, including a Gregor Salto and Funkin Matt Main Mix, a Chus and Ceballos Main Mix and a Fedde Le Grand Main Mix.


Friday, April 4, 2014

The Complete Guide To Mariah Carey's New Album

Here's everything we know about the diva's 13th LP, formerly titled 'The Art of Letting Go'

The Buildup

Mariah Carey's 2009 album Memoirs of an Imprefect Angel boasted a Top 10 hit "Obsessed" and sold an impressive (but rather low for Mariah) 546,000 copies total. Five years later, she's on the verge of releasing a new album with the usual hype and excitement that follows a Mariah record, and the stakes are higher than ever.

With six years since the 2008 smash "Touch My Body" hit No. 1, this year will mark the longest amount of time Mimi has ever gone without a chart-topping single - the previous stretch was five years between 2000's "Thank God I Found You" and "We Belong Together" in 2005.

After canceling an R&B remix album of Memoirs in 2010 in favor of recording her 13th studio album, Mimi said she's gone through a "journey" and "been through a lot" over the last few years. That's no joke: She dropped her Merry Christmas II You album, gave birth to twins in a "really difficult" pregnancy with hubby Nick Cannon and joined the controversy-bogged American Idol judging panel with "Satan," presumed to be fellow judge Nicki Minaj.

In late summer 2012, Mariah started giving the first hints about the record. "I'm not trying to follow any particular trend," she told Billboard. "I want it to be well received. I want to stay true to myself and the music that I love and make the fans happy. I can't even express this properly but I feel like this is gonna be my favorite album." Lambs, are you ready?

The Music

Our first taste of new Mariah music came in August 2012 via the hip hop/R&B collabo "Triumphant (Get Em)" featuring Rick Ross and Meek Mill. Curiously, the rappers handled the verses while Mimi only sang on the chorus and bridge. The result was lackluster and failed to chart on the Hot 100, demoting the track to a "buzz single" that will presumably not make the final album.

Nine months later, "#Beautiful" featuring Miguel was billed as the album's lead single. The silky-smooth R&B jam became a summer anthem and peaked at No. 15 on the Hot 100. It was the diva's biggest chart hit since 2009.

Mariah dropped the "The Art of Letting Go" on November 11, 2013. Despite a "genius" Facebook release model and her surprise serenades for fans, the track didn't connect and missed the Hot 100.

The single was originally set to be the title track off the record. But Mariah told MTV that when the album cover leaked and she started adding new songs, she decided the title was no longer representative of the album.

As a Valentine's Day present, Mariah announced she'd release her new love ballad "You're Mine (Eternal)." The track came as a solo version with the following steamy music video...

...along with a remix version featuring Trey Songz that came with its own sensual visual. The track garnered acclaim for its similarities to Mariah's megahit "We Belong Together" and peaked at No. 88 on the Hot 100 so far.

Mariah also told MTV the new album "is all for the nostalgia" of her past classic albums and doesn't dabble in today's EDM-obsessed culture. "While I was writing, there were conversations where I asked, 'So, I have to jump on the techno bandwagon? Because I'd rather stay off the bandwagon if that's the case.' Not everybody has to be on that type of beat to get on the radio."


The album boasts a long list of collaborators (both rumored and confirmed) that could hopefully see Mimi taking some risks:

-Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins: A previous Mariah collaborator ("So Lonely" featuring Twista) produced single "The Art of Letting Go."

-Q-Tip: The Tribe Called Quest frontman told us he was working on the album in August 2012.

-Jermaine Dupri: A producer working with Mariah since the '90s ("Always Be My Baby," "Sweetheart," "We Belong Together"). Watch their undeniably chemistry in this Fuse News interview.

-David Morales: The dancefloor maestro who's served remixes like the "My All (Morales 'My' Club Remix)," featured on Mimi's official The Remixes album.

-Bryan-Michael Cox: A producer with two singles off her comeback album The Emancipation of Mimi ("Shake It Off" and "Don't Forget About Us").

-Hit-Boy: A new Mimi collaborator, rumored to have crafted a track titled "Thirsty." He's risen to A-list producer status with tracks like Kanye West & Jay Z's "N****s in Paris," Beyonce's "XO" and Lil Wayne's "Drop the World."

-The-Dream: A recent favorite of Mariah who worked on her last No. 1, "Touch My Body," and co-produced almost every track on her Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel LP.

-Mike WiLL Made It: R&B-pop's go-to guy, (Miley Cyrus' "We Can't Stop," Ciara's "Body Party") is a new collaborator for Mimi, confirmed in a Billboard interview.

-R. Kelly: While Mariah teased a studio snap with Kellz saying "working on a new song!" we're wondering if it's for the Chicago crooner's Trapped in the Closet series. No official word yet.

-Loris Holland: The singer tweeted she was in the studio with Holland, who worked on her past albums such as 1995's Daydream and 2005's The Emancipation of Mimi.

As Billboard noted in a February feature, it's unclear who will end up on the album.

Set Backs

Mariah's faced a few hurdles with this project. In early July, the diva was rushed to a hospital after dislocating her shoulder while shooting a video for the remix of "#Beautiful."

The album's original release date of July 23, 2013 was also pushed back indefinitely after Mariah "got so immersed in the creative process." She told fans on Twitter, "I just don't feel I would be doing it justice to release it on 7/23. I'd rather not exclude meaningful songs. I want to give you this album as it's meant to be heard."

Producer Bryan-Michael Cox cited Mariah's difficult pregnancy and Idol as other roadblocks, but he likens the record's evolution to cooking "a honey-baked ham." He told Billboard, "Over the past couple of years we've added songs, scratched songs, slow-baking this record like a honey-baked ham—when you take a bite of that ham, people will be extremely and pleasantly surprised."

This February, Mariah announced the album will drop May 6 via a two-minute video reminding the world of everything the singer has accomplished—including a scan of every Billboard Hot 100 chart for each of her 18 No. 1 songs.

There's still a lot more to come from the record—including its title, album art and tracklist—so keep checking Fuse for more details.


Thursday, April 3, 2014

May 6th Promos


Listening Party update!

A radio programmers Event was held in New York for Mariah's new album yesterday. The event was well-
attended, with DJs from around the country to hear details on Mariah's project. As tweeted by Jermaine Dupri. There was no new music from the album played, though it was confirmed that the album is still set for a May 6, 2014 release.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mariah Carey's record label gets big overhaul

The record business keeps spinning: Island DefJam is no more as of today. This is not an April Fool's joke.
Universal Music has made some big changes to Mariah Carey and Kanye West's record label. Island and DefJam are splitting up, with Island going west. DefJam will be run by Steve Bartels, one of the hardest working guys in show biz. Barry Weiss, who had been president of Island DefJam after coming over from RCA a few years ago, is stepping down.

And there's more: not only is Island heading west, but so is the label still known as Motown. They will both be separate record labels. Motown isn't really Motown anyway, as we all know. Those days are over. But the woman who will be running it, Ethopia Habtemarian, is very popular. Karen Kwak, also a great player in the UMG family, will be overseeing everything. As she should!

If success is 99% about showing up, then Steve Bartels is really successful. A jolly easy going "big guy", Steve loves his artists and support them like crazy - even when Kanye West wanders into his office one day and announces he's dropping an album called "Yeezus" in five days! (Or as I call it "Meezus".) Kanye, Mariah and all of the DefJam are lucky to have him. And of course, Steve is a graduate of the Clive Davis School of Music Execs. He has good training.



Multi-platinum global superstar Mariah Carey gives her fans some hot unprecedented dance remixes of her lead single “You’re Mine (Eternal).” The 6 -song bundle which features remixes by Fedde, Gregor & Funkin Matt and Chus & Ceballos are available today on iTunes, Amazon, and a 3-song bundle is also available on Beatport! The Fedde extended remix has a progressive, hard festival style to complement Mariah’s soulful vocals. Gregor & Funkin Matt allow Mariah’s 5-octave vocals in their funky rendition of the song. Chus and Ceballos highlight their tech-house expertise to create a big room circuit flavor remix for “You’re Mine (Eternal).”


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Mariah Carey spends birthday in Tampa with Nick Cannon

Mariah Carey visits the VIP Plum Lounge to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Tampa. HARD ROCK

Officially, Mariah Carey was in Tampa to promote the 10th anniversary of the Seminole Hard Rock casino on Thursday, but the superstar singer, who was traveling with husband Nick Cannon, also happened to be celebrating a birthday.

Carey, who turned 44 on Thursday, appeared at the casino’s posh Plum VIP Lounge, where a group of 80 invited guests watched her cut into an elaborate Hard Rock cake (anniversary, not birthday).

While there, Carey donated the distinctive Roberto Cavalli dress she wore in the video for her 2009 hit “Obsessed” to the Hard Rock’s memorabilia collection.

Cannon apparently didn’t forget to pick up a birthday gift worthy of the best selling female artist of all time.

“Nick surprised me for 3/27 with a stellar diamond bracelet encrusted with 3 floating butterflies!,” Carey posted on Twitter early this morning along with a photo of the large, blingy bracelet on her wrist.

“I think she’s happy...” Cannon wrote on Instagram in reply.

(Source: Tampa Tribune)

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lambily get ready for the new LambzRus! Lambz'R'us² launches 3/27!

Starting on Mariah's anniversary you can have more MC than ever before. A limited amount of the Lambily will be able to be a part of the exclusive site filled with downloads. This site is to promote and celebrate the diva of all diva's. All you need is a Google account to access it. 

If you want to be a part of this, while space lasts you need to do the following:

Like our Facebook page HERE!
Then send an email with your:
Gmail address, your name and your favorite Mariah song

You will be added to the list of Lambs that are able to access the site. 

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"You're Mine (Eternal)" gets a Fedde Le Grand remix

Mariah Carey has taken crossover appeal to a new level: Her new single off The Art of Letting Go, "You're
Mine (Eternal)", will receive three official dance remixes, the first by house DJ Fedde Le Grand.

While the original is mostly hushed, leading gradually until Carey unleashes her whistle register, Le Grand (of 2006's "Put Your Hands Up for Detroit") wastes no time in building the song's energy. The diva's swooning vocals soar over a pulsing piano melody, helping the Dutch-born artist build a swift crescendo before the remix's first breakdown.

Le Grand's remix of "You're Mine (Eternal)" follows an R&B remix featuring Trey Songz, which Carey dropped the same day as the original itself.

Listen to all of the remixes HERE!


Saturday, March 15, 2014

New "You're Mine (Eternal)" dance remixes have been sent out to DJs

(Remixes go out to DJ's)

You're Mine (Eternal) (Chus and Ceballos Main Mix)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Chus and Ceballos Radio Edit)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Fedde Le Grand Extended Mix)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Fedde Le Grand Radio Mix)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Remix)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Radio Mix)
You're Mine (Eternal) (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Instrumental Dub)

Friday, March 14, 2014

You're Mine (Eternal) [3 Brand New Official Remixes]

3 brand new remixes of Mariah's latest single will be released today. starting at 2:30 there will be one released every 30 minutes!

First Remix (Fedde Le Grand Main Mix)

Second Remix (Chus and Ceballos Main Mix)

Third Remix (Gregor Salto & Funkin Matt Main Mix)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


WBLI's Jayson Takes Mariah Carey's Valentine Advice

CAREY's advice to him very much to heart on Valentine's Day.

Despite being away from her hubby for the most romantic day of the year, MARIAH told morning team DANA and JAYSON, "I'm still rocking the lingerie ensembles for this Valentine's Day!"
JAYSON lamented that he would be spending the holiday away from his long-time boyfriend, to which MARIAH advised, "All of us who have our significant others somewhere else -- even if you just take a selfie and post it -- I mean just look GOOD."

The 3 of them discussed everything from what NICK did for MARIAH for Valentine's Day, whether or not she does anything special for him despite the holiday being all about her, and she also gave some valuable advice that applies to all "endowed" ladies.
If you missed DANA and JAYSON's Valentine's chat with MARIAH, check it out here.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

"You're Mine (Eternal)" Billboard chart update!

"You're Mine (Eternal)"
Hot 100: #88 (New entry)
Hot R&B Songs: #15 (New entry)
Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs: #24 (New entry)
R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs: #12 (New entry)
Billboard Social 50: #38 (Last week: #41)

This week Carey has her 46th entry on the Billboard Hot 100!

1. Vision Of Love #1 - 4 weeks 
2. Love Takes Time #1 - 3 weeks 
3. Someday #1 - 2 weeks 
4. I Don't Wanna Cry #1 - 2 weeks 
5. Emotions #1 - 3 weeks 
6. Can't Let Go #2 
7. Make It Happen #5 
8. I'll Be There #1 - 2 weeks 
9. Dreamlover #1 - 8 weeks 
10. Hero - #1 - 4 weeks 
11. Without You/Never Forget You #3 
12. Anytime You Need A Friend #12 
13. Endless Love #2 
14. Fantasy #1 - 8 weeks 
15. One Sweet Day #1 - 16 weeks 
16. Always Be My Baby #1 - 2 weeks 
17. Honey #1 - 3 weeks 
18. My All #1 - 1 week 
19. When You Believe #15 
20. I Still Believe #4 
21. Heartbreaker #1 - 2 weeks 
22. Thank God I Found You #1 - 1 week 
23. Crybaby #28 
24. All I Want For Christmas Is You #83 (RE #21; RE #26)
25. Loverboy #2 
26. Never Too Far/Hero Medley #81 
27. Through The Rain #81 
28. I Know What You Want #3 
29. U Make Me Wanna #21 
30. It's Like That #16 
31. We Belong Together #1 - 14 weeks 
32. Shake It Off #2 
33. Don't Forget About Us #1 - 2 weeks 
34. Say Something #79 
35. Touch My Body #1 - 2 weeks 
36. Bye Bye #19 
37. Migrate #92 
38. I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time #58
39. My Love #82 
40. Obsessed #7 
41. I Want To Know What Love Is #60 
42. Up Out Of My Face #100 
43. Oh Santa - #100 
44. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Duet with Justin Bieber) #86
45. #Beautiful #15
46. You're Mine (Eternal) #88